What is FOREX?

Watch our short video below for a simplified explanation

Complete Beginner? Advanced trader? Somewhere in between? We will give you the correct education to spot the best trade setups. See the methods and strategies our trading experts use and learn at your own pace. It’s not where you’re at, it’s where we can take you that counts, and we have the course to get you there.


Meet Your Instructor

Professional in knowledge and enthusiastic about the course.

I’m Ashley, a 23 year old from Wales, UK.

I have tried and tested many structured businesses such as Dropshipping, Amazon FBA and E-Commerce. They all failed, and I thought that was it for me. However, I continued my search, and I came across Forex Trading.

The most UNSTRUCTUREDCONFUSING and UNCLEAR business model that I had EVER come across. I wasn’t confident at all to be honest.

BUT… Just like the others I gave it a shot.

After years of learning how to trade using crappy Youtube videos and e-books I finally cracked it.

I started blogging my story on instagram, and helping others that would message me. I then realised, wait, why dont I compile everything I know about forex and put it into a course which I DREAMED of having when I first started learning how to trade forex.

So, thats what I have done.


Whats included in this course?

Our comprehensive course has been split into 4 sections

1. Basic

The basics section is designed to give you a understanding of the forex market without over complicating it, this covers the basics of forex which you will need to know. Its informative but not complicated, however definitely a straight forward explenation that a BEGINNER would understand.

2. Advanced


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The advanced section is designed to teach you how to read the forex market and use various complex trading tools to increase the probability of your predictions being correct. We cover both the Technical and Fundimental analysis along side some psychology lessons.

3. Trading Strategy

Finally, Trading Strategy. This section will explain my main strategy blueprint step by step so you can clone it and use it yourself. I am confident that anyone will be able to trade very confidently and be totally self sufficient after studying this section.

4. Trading Tools

Finally, Trading Tools. This section will give you access to the top trading tools on the market, this coveres everything from tutorials on how to use them and where to download them from. Some of the applications are difficult to get used to, but with the guides, they’re a walk in the park.

You also get…

30+ Training Lessons

High quality structured lessons are instantly ready for you to read once you enroll, so you can jump right into the course and instantly start seeing results and growth.

Private Student Group

Be a part of a group of professionals who are sharing trade ideas, and tips. Get live support, so you can jump right into the strategies to instantly start seeing results and growth.

Support You Need

Our support team are available almost 24/7. Confused and wanting clarity on something? We’ve got your back. Just grounded and timely support whenever you need it.


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