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This community is for the forex finatics. We are here purely to guide you through your forex education with real time market analysis.

We move the disorientation from the markets. 


Technical analysis

Daily Technical analysis section is a fully comprehensive forecast on all major currency pairs. This includes a daily breakdown on each currency pair that we think has potential to perform well, daily technical levels which sometimes include key indicator levels, future levels to keep an eye out for & a screenshot of our charts with the indicators we are using. 📈

Fundimental Analysis

Daily Technical analysis breakdowns on all economic events which will make an impact on the markets. This covers an explanation on each news release & how it will affect the market, we also cover the the previous result, deviation & expected result & consensus 📊


Community Chat & Support​

Chat for like minded traders to converse on diffrent trading topics, ask for help, share analysis & price predictions. On demand support is accessible almost 24/7. ℹ️

About Ash

I’m Ashley, a 21 Year old from Wales, UK.

5 years ago, when I started learning how to trade, I had to start from scratch. There were NO mentors, NO online courses, NO gurus & most importantly, NO community. 

I came across two problems when I first started, the first was finding the content which enabled me to study forex. I had to scrape up all the outdated content out of any forex related e-book & old youtube videos I could find. 

Now, the second but hardest problem that I had came across. Putting it into practice.

I began entering into my own trades but everything was still going horribly wrong, I was definitely missing a piece to the puzzle. That piece was a community, someone to go back to and ask questions, or compare, just like a tutor.

So, I found as many people who were in the same situation as me on instagram and added them into a whatsapp group, we then compared setups with each other to realise as a group, we are very profitable. However, as individuals we are not. 

To be able to compare trades to experts is honestly the greatest cheat code when learning how to trade. This is why I have created this service.

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What my Clients Say!

Im feeling the most confident I have ever felt in my 2 year trading journey, and it only feels like the start. Besides the support I have recieved from Ash, the members in the community have been amazing and helped me alot too. It has helped myself as a trader develop more than I could of imagined. It is ideal to be able to compare my setups with the ones in the group to see if I am heading down the right path with my own trades. All of the posts are clear and easy to read.
Kevin Fletcher
Being in a group full of people who are in the same boat as you along side being guided by Ash himself is such a massive help. Unlike most trading groups, you get a full break down of each trade which enables you to compare and contrast against your own trades and your own setups. This is extremely advantageous. To be able to see live trades from someone who has succeeded in forex gives me a lot more confidence in my own trades. Overall the group is a game changer. It’s a lot harder to succeed alone, so having the chance to reflect with other people in the same situation as you is a gamechanger.
Claire Williams
I've only been trading for a month and I'm loving every second of it, Its so simple and easy to understand. The support from Ash is second to none, it makes it so much easier to have someone to speak to who knows what they're doing & explains it. The community chat is also a group full of super smart and motivated people, Im really happy that I got involved in this group as its a game changer, Before this, I found trading very complicated but this community explains everything in such a way it seems easy.
Ahmed Mahmood
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